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Access to variable manufacturing capacity under one roof allows us to have the
flexibility to scale production up or down. Supported by 3 separate surface mount lines,
a dedicated prototype lab, and separate through hole and box build areas, Proxy has the advantage of being a quick turn as well
as a volume production facility.

Contact Us:
55 Chase Street, Methuen, MA 01844

Proxy Manufacturing Equipment

  • Line 1) MPM Ultraprint 2000 screen printer, Mydata Synergy Line consisting of 2 Mydata MY9 Hydra placement machines, Vitronics XPM3i 820 eight zone reflow oven.
  • Line 2) ASYS Ekra X3 screen printer ,Mydata MY100LXE placement machine, Heller 1500EXL 5 zone reflow oven.
  • Line 3) ASYS Ekra X3 screen printer, Mydata M9 Hydra placement machine, Heller 1500EXL 5 zone reflow oven.
  • Seica Pilot LX flying probe tester
  • VisionPro AP212 Automated 3D Solder Paste Measurement System
  • Aegis Manufacturing Suite. Including Circuit Cam, CheckPoint and
    Fusion Server
  • Mirtec MV-2HTL Automated Optical Inspection system (AOI)
  • Conceptronic Freedom HGR 2000 BGA rework system
  • Yestech YTX-3000 X-ray system
  • Camalot 1818 computer controlled liquid dispensing system
  • ASC International AP212 Automatic 3D Solder Paste Inspection system
  • SMT Tools BGA-300 Inspection Scope
  • KIC Explorer and Datapaq Tracker 9000 Thermal Profiling Systems
  • ACE KISS-103 Selective Soldering System
  • Metcal QX2 Rework System
  • CAB Maestro V-score de-panelizing system
  • Q Corp Lead-O-Matic II mass lead trimming system
  • Trek Triton closed loop in-line aqueous cleaner
  • Closed Loop D.I. Water treatment system w/20MΏ Digital
    Resistivity Monitor
  • Air-Vac PCBRM-12 computer controlled reflow solder pot
  • Vitronics Soltec Delta C wave solder machine
  • Grieve 343 Blue-M bake oven
  • 2 White 32 column computer controlled inventory delivery systems
  • Carpenter COMPU-STRIP model 97, wire cut & strip machine
  • Molex TM 40 contact terminator
  • AmeriVacs AVN-20 Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Purge
  • Trek Industries ICOM 5000RGM ionic contamination tester
  • EPT 5 TON pneumatic press
  • Smart Sonic Model 2000 Stencil Cleaner

Additional information:

  • Profitkey ERP system
  • Quote FX supplier quoting system
  • 1,900 square feet of thru-hole area
  • 5,200 square feet of box build area
  • 1,000 square feet of wire/cable assembly area